Monday, January 17, 2005

Talkin' about MLK Day

This is going to be sort of a disjointed 19 Thoughts today, the reason being I'm watching 24 as I'm typing. This show is so damn engrossing.

Anyway, the weekend wasn't a bad one. Didn't do a hell of a lot, Aly still isn't feeling well, so it was a slow one. The good thing is, I needed a slow weekend, ever since before the holidays it's been bang-bang-bang busy.

Friday night Danna and Rick came over, even though they live in New York, we've been seeing them a lot lately, which is cool. The reason why they came down this time is because Aly needed Danna to get her bridesmaid dress. That's what they did on Saturday. Rick and I literally did nothing. We watched a couple of movies, saw the beginning of the Steelers/Jets game and had some pizza. Not a bad day.

Saturday night we all went to dinner with Stacy and Anthony in Harvard Square. The restaurant was called the Red House, and it wasn't that great. The food was overpriced and not very good and the service was lousy. Really some of the worst I've ever seen.

Sunday Aly and I went to look at two places, both were in Brookline. For the second time, the landlord of one place blew us off. I was pissed, so I called the dude. He made up some bullshit excuse and said that he'd be there in ten minutes. I told him that's all he had and we left when he didn't show up on time. Two minutes after that, he called saying that he was there. I told him we weren't and he lost a renter.

The other place was way too tight, though Aly really liked it. Looking for places fucking blows. After that I went over Ryan's to watch the Pats game. They won, they beat the vaunted Colts. Every "expert" picked the Pats to get crushed. They didn't. They were the ones who did the crushing. Great game and it's going to be a tough one next weekend.

Sunday night we did nothing. Monday we looked at two more places, another in Brookline which was really nice and one in Somerville. I liked both places, but the one in Somerville I liked better. It is close to Harvard, which I think would be awesome to live near and the place had a lot of space. Aly wasn't too wild about it, but we got other places to look at soon.

The journey continues ...

BTW, you may notice that I have a new counter, it's to keep track of who actually reads this site. Last Tuesday I put it up and set it at 500 prior views (probably a lot less, but ...). Also, I was able to get some marketing software to see who is actually reading the site. It's cool. So, I'm watching you. =)

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