Saturday, January 29, 2005

Lazy Saturdays are okay ... and a new feature

First the new feature. A few days ago on SOSH, there was a thread about about former roommates, specifically the weirdest or the worst ones you ever had. It got me thinking of my old roomie Jim. He wasn't an asshole or anything, but he was a bit strange. I am going to start retelling a few Jim stories, they're pretty funny and the best part is that they're all 100% true.

Here's one of Ryan's favorites: When we were juniors Jim started to follow the lead of my other two roommates and got into the music and culture of Phish. He had the whole look down, beard, shaggy hair, flannel, the works. A bunch of them decided to go up to Maine, get a hotel, eat some mushrooms and go off to the show. Since I didn't go to the concert, I'm retelling the story second hand.

There was about seven dudes up there crammed in a room, they got a pizza, sprinkled the shrooms on top and started eating. Just about everyone had a good trip (from what I hear mushrooms give you an elongated high where you're just happy). Everyone except Jim. Jim locked himself in the bathroom and just stared at himself in the mirror. Every once in a while he'd start bawling and talking to himself.

I think Jim left a bit of himself up in Maine that day, as for the rest of the year he was a shell of his former self. To be honest, I was planning on eating a couple of caps the next weekend, but when I saw what happened to Jim, I stayed away from anything harder than pot.

As you can tell from the time that I'm posting this entry, it's mid afternoon and I'm sort of bored. I got the "Faith Rewarded" DVD on Thursday, so I'm watching that. Obviously, it's good stuff. Some times I forget that the Sox won, because it's so unbelievable that it happened.

Last night Aly and I, along with Skaus, Sara, Nick and Debbie went to the Celts game against the Suns. The game was pretty good, the Celts got smoked, but we got a nice Walter McCarty bobble head doll. Then we went out to play pool at the Boston Beer Works. We stayed out until about 1 am, which is the latest Aly and I have been out in a lonjg damn time. Needless to say we were really tired this morning.

Woke up sort of early adn tried to get Sox tickets, I thought I was going to get a shortcut password from SOSH, but the site was down and I couldn't get shit. This is the biggest problem wiht the Sox, tehy play in a bandbox and they're too damn popular. I have four tickets already ... I want more. The thing is, all of New England does too.

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