Wednesday, August 25, 2004

This is probably going to be a short entry

The Sox won again tonight. I haven't written much about the Sox, mainly because I don't want to jinx them. But they are quite a roll lately, having won five of six on the road and pulling within 6.5 games of the Yanks (depending how they did tonight). If New York lost, it will be 5.5 games.

Not bad.

Actually, it's better than not bad, it's fucking awesome. Last week the Sox were 10.5 games off the pace and they just about halved that. It's hard to say what is the reason for the Sox playing better, but I would have to say that it's the departure of Nomar.

Ever since Garciaparra was shipped out of town, the Sox have been kicking ass. The defense has tightened up and it seems as if everyone is getting along with each other. Chemistry man, it's got to be the chemistry.

Actually, I have no idea if it's the chemistry or not. It's the whole chicken or the egg argument. Does winning begat chemistry or is it the other way around? I've been on plenty of crappy teams and while we screwed around, we weren't really friendly. It was more clique driven and the joking was way more mean spirited.

When on teams that won, everyone got along better. We goofed around, but it was a fun, brotherly type of goofing around. We ragged on each other, but went out for beers later. The only clique was the team. I don't know, maybe chemistry is too big of a deal.

BTW, you can tell that I'm tired because I am just typing words that aren't making a strong point. Oh well, the MFYs lost tonight. 5.5. Aly's dad was right, a pennant race may just bubble to the surface this September.

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