Saturday, August 28, 2004

It's shaping up to be an interesting weekend ...

Normally, I don't write on Saturday morning, but Aly asked me to drive her to a video taping. She's not in a music video, nor is it the adult kind. She takes cardio kickboxing, or fighting funk or whatever the hell it's called, at her gym. The instructor asked Aly to be in an instructional video he's producing. She said, "Cool." And she had to be there at 9:45.

When I have to be somewhere at a certain time in the morning, I wake up extra early. So, I've been up since 7 am. After I dropped Aly off, I came home and got myself some Pearl Jam tickets.

I am beyond pumped. Right now, it's just me going. But that's cool, hopefully I can find someone else to go. I'll try my friends and if that doesn't work, I'll see if someone on SOSH will take the extra ticket. Aly doesn't want to go, but said she will if no one else wants to come. Fuck, I'll go by myself if I have to and scalp the ticket.

It's fucking PEARL JAM! They have put on some of the best concerts I've ever seen. There's no way I'll be eating that ticket. Anyway, it's on Wednesday, Sept. 28 at 7:30 in the Fleet Center. I never saw them indoors, so that will be a new experience.

Last night was my mom's birthday, so Aly and I took her and my dad to Meze, which is a Greek restaurant in Charlestown. It was restaurant week in Boston, so a three-course meal was only $30 a person. I ordered the lamb meatballs for an app, a box sirloin with a twice-baked potato and a plate of fruit for dessert. Awesome. Great fucking food. (Those last two lines should be a proudly displayed restaurant review at Meze.)

We've gone there for Aly's birthday before, and I had the same dinner and it's always excellent. As much as I love steak, the potato was unbelievable. Best potato ever. And my mom was really happy that we took her out. She loves that sort of stuff and just had the biggest smile on her face for the entire meal. That made me feel good.

After the meal we walked over to Ellie and Bill's house where we hung out and drank a bit. Good night.

Tonight we have Mi-shu and Matt's wedding. The Mass is at 5:30 in Weymouth, followed by a reception in Milton. Should be cool, all of my college friends will be there. I haven't seen them since my party, so that should be fun.

Tomorrow is Ryan's birthday, which should be a lot of fun. I don't know what time it is though, I should probably ask my mother about that. The best part is that there is going to be a huge wiffle ball game. I know it sounds completely gay for an almost 30-year-old man to be excited about wiffle ball, but I can't wait.

Also, Jay is bringing his girlfriend to meet everyone for the first time. I only met her once, when I was half-asleep on the couch when her and Jay were going up to his room. She seemed pretty nice. The one thing is that she's a bit younger than the rest of us, but she'll fit in well.

The one thing that I HAVE to do today (besides the wedding) is to finish my sitcom script for the Bravo contest. The way I figure it, I pick up Aly at 11, drop her off around 11:30, get my haircut, eat some lunch and be back here by 1:00. Then I work for about two hours or so, and then shorten one of my previous scripts into a sitcom. Shouldn't be too hard. On Monday or Tuesday, I can edit it and put it into the right format and then ship it out on Wednesday before I go on vacation.

No fuss, no muss.

On SOSH, the Aquaman Blog has split people into two distinct camps: people who absolutely hate it and people who like it. I'm keeping it. Until tomorrow night amigos.

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