Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Fair, fair Harvard ...

For the last day and a half I've been at Harvard University. I have lived about two miles away from the most famous and arguably the most prestigious university in the world and this was my first real trip to the campus.

I've been to Harvard Square and sort of walked the outskirts, but I've never been in the famous Harvard Yard until yesterday. I had a conference to exhibit at and was able to sneak away for an hour here and there.


The atmosphere at this place is completely academic, but not in a bad way. It makes you want to go into the library, and just start reading and learning. (Unfortunately, they won't let you do that ... I tried and apparently you have to be a student at the university.) It was a beautiful day yesterday and today, so during the conference down times, I escaped the hall we were at (more about this in a second) and just wandered.

I read for a bit outside, checked out some bookstores, ate in one of the famous hamburger joints (Mr. Bartley's ... try the Viagra Burger, it's really good) and just soaked up the entire scene of Japanese tourists taking pictures of everything, summer students trudging off to class, and new students moving in. I was actually thinking about dropping a resume off to see if I could get a job there.

The place that we were exhibiting in was called Memorial Hall. It was a former church that they've turned into a dining hall and amphitheatre. Marble floors, solid oak stairs and beams, stained glass windows, Latin inscriptions, it wasn't the worst place in the world to hang around for 12 hours.

This weekend was cool, saw "The Village" on Saturday night. Cool flick, not his best, but definitely cool and the twist at the end was decent too. The sucky thing was we saw the flick on Saturday night at the Fenway Theatre. Aly and I should've just saw it in a bus station. The place was packed, but no one cared about the movie. Phones were constantly going off, people were actually answering and talking. There was a group of kids who didn't shut up until security threatened them. And then the couple behind us couldn't figure the movie out.

Never again.

Sunday, my mom threw me another birthday party. This time it was for my family. It was great to see everyone that I normally only see on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I guess Kyle is starting football this week and his team is going to Maine for the first practices. I told him to watch his cornhole. I hope I didn't make him nervous, just wanted him to be aware.

I finished "Bringing Down the House". Great book, easy and quick read. It's a true story all about a group of MIT students who form a black jack club and rob Vegas blind. As with most good things, it had to end ... and did it ever. This would make an awesome movie if they stuck to the book.

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