Sunday, July 11, 2004

More in-depth Spidey review

I posted this on SOSH last ngiht, and while I feel uber-geeky about reposting this, I thought it summed up my thoughts on the movie pretty well:

Saw this flick Friday night and I was blown away. Thought that it was a tremendous flick, easily my favorite comic movie. The CGI was great, the story was tremendous and acting wasn't half bad either.

To the folks who have a problem with the movie, I ask were you read the comics? Because if you haven't then I can see where you're coming from. For over 40 years, Peter Parker has second-guessed and doubted himself in just about every situation that he has been in.

IIRC there was an issue of the Avengers where they asked him to be apart of their group, Spidey felt he couldn't hang with them and said no.

If the script writers had him as a brash, cocky costumed adventurer then it wouldn't be Spider-man. Tobey Maguire is perfect as PP.

As far as Gwen Stacey, I doubt we'd see her because Rami said that MJ is a combo of the comic MJ Watson and Stacey. I wonder if the blonde who lives in Peter's building becomes the Black Cat. That would take a lot of liberties (because the Cat was rich) but it might be fun. BTW, I thought she was going to be in his room when MJ stopped by.

As far as the next villain, I think it's probably going to be the Green Goblin (maybe the Hobgoblin). And the fourth will be the Lizard and the Man Wolf. Not sure who will be the fifth (maybe Mysterio), but in the sixth it would be pretty cool if the Kingpin got all of the bad guys (from the previous movies) to try and get Spidey.

All in all, a great flick and a great franchise. I'm really looking forward to Spidey 3.

Ok, this needs a bit of editing, but it should be pretty followable. That's not a word, but I trust you get it's meaning.

My favorite show in the world is on, Arrested Development. So I'm not going to be sticking around for so long. See you tomorrow.

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