Saturday, July 10, 2004

I'm back ... as are the Red Sox

As Robert Plant once warbled, "It's been a long time since I rock and rolled." Well, I'm no Robert Plant, and I'm not rocking and/or rolling, but I am typing some of thoughts. (Lucky you)

One of the main reasons why I haven't written in more than a week is because I was in Atlanta for four days, went to a Sox game on Tuesday, Aly (my girlfriend) made dinner for my folks on Wednesday and saw Spider-man last night.

Before I get into the Atlanta stuff, I must say the Spider-man is the best comic book movie I've ever seen ... beating out X-Men 2. No matter how "cool" you think you are later in life, if you were once a comic book geek, it never goes away. It may stay in remission, but it will never completely leave you. As a CBG, I thought this movie stayed true to it's comic roots. Peter Parker was played very well by Tobey Maguire who really had to do some acting to be as downcast as Parker.

The CGI was awesome. Doc Ock actually looked like he had those added legs and the fight scenes were bad ass. Truly a fun, interesting summer flick.

On to Atlanta, interesting town. There were some things I liked, some things I disliked. A list would make it easier to convey my thoughts:

1. The pace. I sort of liked this when I had the time, but get very pissed when I was in a rush. Example, we went to Fat Matt's for barbeque. Tremendous ribs, pulled pork, buffalo wings, etc. The one thing: they aren't exactly flashes behind the counter. Very slow, deliberate, etc. Not a big deal as we were also taking our time.

On the flip side. We were at the airport and I was starving. The flight was leaving in 20 minutes, so I thought I had a chance for a quick bite to eat. Went to three different "restaurants" and at each, the help was slower at one place than the next. Got pissed and left.

2. The attitude. The folks I met were pretty nice, way nicer than New Englanders (which isn't saying much, because we're all a bunch of pricks). Anyway, I was at the Braves game and was standing in line waiting to pay for my food. A guy cut in front of me accidently. I let it slide, but the guy figured out that he cut me and said, "Sir, I'm so sorry for cutting your spot. Please go ahead of me."

I looked at him like he was nuts, because not a lot of folks up here do that sort of thing. Usually their attitude is, "Eff you pal, you shoulda been watching." It was nice that strangers were civil to each other.

3. Went to Distant Replays. This store just rules. It's basically a museum where you can buy the artifacts. Any sort of NHL, NBA, MLB and NFL stuff, including leagues that aren't in existence any more. I found a 1989 Bo Jackson light blue Royals jersey. I've wanted one of these things since I was a kid. $325. Maybe when I'm rich.

I ended up buying a 1986 Mariners cap and a Philadelphia Blue Jays T-shirt. Not a bad score.

4. Public transportation. This is more of a Boston thing, but it occurred when I was on the way to the airport. Had to take the bus instead of the T to Government Center. Haven't been on a bus since I was in high school. Still hate it. You take all of the fun of traffic and add the smelly public of a subway and that's a bus. Totally sucked. I've never been happier to be on a T.

5. Turner Field. Gorgeous stadium. Sensory overload. In a few words: way better than Fenway. Any type of food that you want, pretty good sight lines, and just a bunch of other stuff to do. I'm a baseball purist as much as the next guy, but you have to be able to contemporize (is that a word? I heard it on the Simpsons once and like it).

Not everyone can sit still for nine innings and watch a game, these days a majority of people just don't have that kind of attention span. So I don't think there's anything wrong with having a pitching cage, batting cage, bar and restaurant in the park. It gives people something to do, and if they have a good time and comeback for more fun, even better.

BTW, Aly bought a pink Braves cap. I was never happier, because now she won't wear that stupid Yankees cap.

6. Had a lot of fun with Aly's brother John, his wife Christie and their son Joey. Just the consomate hosts, and Joey (who is two-years-old) is just cute as hell. I can see why people have kids, while it's a lot of hard work, I bet the reward is equally as good.

On Tuesday me and some buddies went to see the Sox hammer the A's. Got to stand in the new right field section. Great place to watch a game, if you don't mind heights, which I sort of do. The Sox haven't lost since then and are completely hammering the Rangers right now (11-6) in the fifth inning. Manny has gone yard twice and Texas actually brought in "Way Back" Wasdin.

There is nothing better if Way Back gets the call against your team. The Sox cuffed him around like he stole something.

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