Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I'm getting closer to my home ...

Actually, I'm not closer to my home. I am home. In Amesbury. For a whole week.

The reason is because of the Democratic National Convention. Even though I call Somerville home, it's close enough to Boston to be shut down. Sort of blows, but it's sort of like I'm at a hotel. A hotel where everyone knows my name, but a hotel none the less.

The Sox are on a bit of a roll, after beating up (literally) the Yankees this weekend, by taking two out of three games, the Sox just smoked the Orioles 12-5. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think they hit a dinger tonight. That's good news, I love homers, but I'm starting to get worried that this team relies too much on the big inning.

Didn't do a hell of a lot this weekend, basically just chilled out and relaxed. Went to Aly's parents' house on Friday and Sunday and went to my house on Saturday. Two interesting things happened on Saturday. The better of the two stories was the we saw "Anchorman", funny, funny movie. Will Farrell completely cracks me up. This was a weird movie that was right up my alley.
The one sucky thing was that we went to the mall that day, and I got so pissed because of the crowds (it was like Christmas in July) and the idiocy of the crowds, that I ended up yelling at a gaggle of teenie boppers. I am really beginning to think that I shouldn't be allowed out of the house. All I do is yell and scream at people.

Someone is definitely going to kick my ass very soon.

Just a shitty day at work ... I don't feel like getting into it, but if anyone is reading this and knows of a new job, let me know.

It is hot in this room, I swear to Christ, it feels as if somone is trying to gas me. Speaking of gas, I sometimes take a pilates class at the gym. Today we were doing some stretching and I completely ripped ass . Not only was it loud, but it fucking reaked too. I don't think many of the ladies there were too appreciative of that.

Tomorrow night I'm either going to write about watching TV or I'm going to rip Marmaduke again. I found an awesome article about Greg Anderson andit really shows what a tool he is.

Until then.

Hopefully this will go up now.

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