Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I have to admit something ...

The last two installments of 19 Thoughts weren't that great. The Aquaman blog was tepid at best and the Saturday entry was disjointed and rushed. I promise, oh loyal 19 Thinkers, that I will do a better job in the upcoming entries.

I have another installment of the Life of Jim:

For a guy that wasn't up on pop culture or watch much TV, Jim used to pull out some cool tricks out of his bag when he'd get pissed. Tricks that were based on stupid shows. For example, if Jim would get mad at me or our other roommates, he'd start talking to himself in his room (most of the time we were in the common area). Then he'd say, "Fuck it, I gotta talk to someone!" and then run into the bathroom and slam the door.

While in the bathroom, he'd pretend that he was actually in the confessional room that the kids from the Real World go into when they have a gripe with one of their roommates. Instead of talking into a camera, Jim would just talk real loud about what his roommates did that pissed him off. He'd do this for five or ten minutes, or until someone had to take a shit.

Then he'd come out, say he feels better, and pretend nothing ever happened.

Saturday night, Aly and I went to a graduation party for her roommate. Her roommate has already graduated high school, college and law school. She got her LLM in December, so her boyfriend decided to throw her a bash. It wasn't too bad. Chris, Sara's boyfriend, lives in this really, really, really nice house in the South End. The place is so nice that Vincent Price used to live there.

Yes. That Vincent Price. For some reason Chris has a bunch of pictures of him scattered around the apartment. Mostly we hung out with Stacy and Anthony, Sara's two friends from Florida and Niall. I think I may have written about Niall before, but he's one Aly's friends from Ireland. Hell of a nice guy and he has his own web site. If you get a chance, check it out at:


He's got a lot of cool pics and has some pretty good stories. Well worth reading. Actually, I was tooling around on his site earlier today and it inspired me to rethink what my site is going to look like. I met with Nick tonight and we did a mock up of the site which is going to be called www.room19comics.com. Basically, there is going to be the cartoon taking up most of the page, underneath are going to be three boxes: one has all links to my contact information, writings, resume and older strips. The other has the first two paragraphs of my blog with a link here and the third box has links to other sites that I fancy.

Nick did a tremendous job and I can not wait for this thing to be on line. I think it will be up within a few weeks. Seriously, this thing is going to look really professional and terrific. I know that I've been moving sort of slowly (fuck, who am I kidding, it's been going at glacial speed), but it's all going to be worth it in a few short weeks. Please stay tuned.

Sunday, all Aly and I did was make dinner and lay around. Two nights in a row we were up past 2 am, so we were fucking dead tired. When the hell did this happen? I didn't even drink either night and I was dead meat all day, both days! Man, the younger me would hate the older me. When I was younger I could party it up on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and still tip a few back on Sunday during the football games. Now just staying up late gets me toofy.

I'm such a pussy.

Shit. I forgot the most important thing that happened in the last few days, Aly and I finally found an apartment! We're going to be relocating to Brookline Village in March. The place is pretty nice, it's a basement place about a half mile from her present house. There are six rooms and the rent is $1000. It's pretty hard to beat that.

At first, I wanted the place in Somerville, but the more I thought about it, the more this place makes sense. I will have way more freedom (I won't have to pick up and drop Aly off at the T every morning and night) and the neighborhood is much better. Also, and here is the most important thing, it's literally a two-mile walk to Fenway Park.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've wanted to live close to Fenway Park. So essentially in the time it took me to walk to Chris Baird's house, I can be at Fenway Park watching the World Champion Boston Red Sox. The more I think about it, the more pumped I get.

This is the time of the Hot Stove season that I hate, everyone is signed, no one is making trades (except for the Cubs who traded Sammy Sosa, whose first home run Jay and I saw when he was still a Texas Ranger, to the Orioles). I'm not wild about this trade for either side, for one thing I don't think that the Cubs got a good return on the trade. But on the other hand, this isn't the 1998 Sammy Sosa the O's are getting either.

Last year, their problem wasn't hitting, it was shitty pitching. So unless Sammy is going to toe the rubber, then it's just a name to battle those new Washington Nationals. For the Cubs, it may turn out to be a good deal, no matter who they get. Reportedly, Sosa had worn out his welcome at Wrigley Field (which was unthinkable even two years ago) and his departure may be addition by subtraction.

But, the Sox aren't doing shit right now. It's all Patriots, all the time. Did I tell you that the Pats made the Super Bowl? Well, that's where they're going to be on Sunday evening. Jacksonville, Florida. Not sure why that city was chosen, but that's the site of Super Bowl XXXIX.

The reason why I haven't been writing much about it, is because not much news has been coming out of Jacksonville. Aside from Eagle wide receiver Freddie Mitchell saying something stupid about Patriot safety Rodney Harrison, it's been a quiet week. That's ok, they'll do their talking on the field.

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