Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Spicing up the old Blog ... though not yet

I've been using freestats for the last month or so and during these past two weeks, no one has been visiting the Blog. Twice I've received upwards of 70 hits in one day and kept a consistent hit count of 40 for a few weeks. But, now it's down to the low 20s.

I can't figure out why, so I'm going to have to retool and I'm moving this web site to Brookline, Massachusetts AKA "Fun Town USA!"

Tonight is going to be my last night in Somerville. The last night I get to sleep in my misshapen room, with it's nooks, crannies and mice. I'm a little sad that this is the end of my time here. When I moved in two years ago, things were a lot different, I dispised my job as an editor, I had recently been dumped and life was just one depressing day after an other.

Now things are looking up, I don't completely hate my job (though it has been getting really busy lately) and I'm about six months away from getting married. The last two years have seen a lot of changes in my life, but one thing was consistent: 162 Central St., Apt. 2 in Somerville.

The time is right to move though. I'm really getting sick of driving everywhere and living out of a bag and it's time to move in with Aly. It just feels right. That being said, I'm going to miss Andrew and Eddie, who were great roommates. But I won't miss Josh. He was an ok guy, but I never really connected with him. I don't think it was a lack of trying on my part, he's just very content being himself and doing his thing and not really giving a shit about the world that revolves around him.

I was bored last night so I tried to go through my old roommates:

Freshman year: Scott Mooney
Sophomore year: Chris Aprile, Bob Shaw, Jim Lawlor
Junior year: Shaw, Lawlor, Mooney
Senior year: Mike "Archie" Kane, Dan Reid, Matt Fitzpatrick, Skaus
Winthrop: Reid, Jamie Chamberland
Danvers: Scott Maglio, Melissa (I can't remember her last name)
Wakefield: Neil, Drew (no idea their last names)
Somerville: Andrew, Eddie, Josh, Mark Bowles

Including Jay and Aly, who will probably be my last roommate ever, I've had 19 roommates. Coincidence? I think not. Lots of different people that I'm glad I've met. Rooming with people can be the best thing that happened to a friendship or the absolute worst. There a few people on that list whom are great people but I'd never live with them even for a weekend trip.

Basically, I'm putting off packing for a little bit ... I hate doing it, though I obviously have to at some point.

Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide on Sunday night. I'm not a die-hard HST guy, but I was sad when I read the news. I'm a big fan of the two books of his that I read, "The Rum Diaries" and "Hell's Angels", not to mention his Page 2 stuff. He was a unique and gifted writer, one that will be missed. He didn't bullshit and didn't like bullshiters, calling everything like he saw it.

When people were falling over themselves talking about what a great guy Richard Nixon was when he died, Thompson said that he was a pig (more or less). Just lambasted him. I admire him for his stand. BTW here is a link to all of HST's Page 2 columns (not sure how long this will last)"

Hunter S. Thompson stuff

The person that turned me on to HST was my friend Tom Abrams. He was one of the most learned and well-read guy I've ever met, Tom was. I worked with him when I was at the Revere Journal, he worked for the East Boston Tribune. He went to American University (like Aly, though he didn't know her) and this dude just read and read and read, and he had a mind like a steal trap.

When he and his girlfriend (now wife) went off to discover America, they loaded up a van and just drove around for a summer, I didn't see him for about three months. Then we reconnected when I moved to Danvers and he moved to Peabody. We'd hit the gym, play hoops, smoke dope, study for the teacher's test and just talk about literature and shit. I haven't seen him in over a year.

He and Ingrid got married last year, I was invited, but didn't go. I wish I went because I miss the guy. It's weird how the death of one person you've never met can remind you of a friend that you do know, but aren't in contact with. Maybe I'll email him once I get settled.


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