Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I'm Just Here For The Beer!

That's the saying on Layne's shirt, if you can't read it ... though I think it is large enough to be seen. This is the second to last strip for a bit, mostly because I'm getting married and will be on my honeymoon for two weeks.

If you're wondering what strip I'm talking about, you can check it out here: www.room19comics.com

I'm not in a writing mood tonight (I am absolutely exhausted), so I'm mostly going to let the artwork do the talking. There are a few things that I think that you should really take a look at though:

1. I think I did a good job of drawing Layne's expressions when it came to being
"wasted" in the first two panels and then his realization that he isn't fooling anyone in the last two. Everyone has had a friend who acted sort of wasted at parties to further the image that this is a "rocking good bash". It was always fun to bust that person.

2. Which leads me to my next point, look at the expressions on Eddie's face. He knows Layne isn't wasted and is bemused by the whole ruse ... especially after Layne gives him the "cool" line about boys counting and men drinking. I think in this instance, the one panel of silence works well. It builds up a bit of tension.

3. When I first decided to draw a comic strip about college life, one of the things that I worried about was drawing crowds. I knew that eventually I was going to have a party setting and wanted to convey the appearance that there were a lot of people at the party, but I didn't want to make it so detailed that it would take away from the main action of the piece.

I've used the silhouette mode before and I think it works quite well. Like all gatherings, each group of party goers in the background have their own little dramas going on. This was a lot of fun to draw and I think are more interesting than the main joke.

I think that the Layne character is going to be somewhat of a dopey party-animal type dude. Someone you would like to hang with, but not one of your closest friends. What you see is what you get.

Also, check out the new logo. I think it's pretty chill.

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