Monday, September 13, 2004

Some leftover thoughts from vacation and other stuff

Although I pretty much detailed, to the minute, what I did last week. There were a few things that I forgot. Friday I got a massage from the spa in the hotel. It was ok. I guess I'm not a fan of massages. Usually I get one a year to make sure I still don't love them.

The one thing that really sucked was that the massage lady (I don't know how to spell masseur) would not shut up. She talked for the entire 50 minutes. Constantly. The only semi-interesting thing that she said was that the resort is closing within a year to six months, which sucks because it's a pretty good resort. Also, she told me that there was a huge party the day before we showed up.

Apparently it was called the "Summer of Love" and basically over a thousand college kids came and just ripped it up. When we showed up on Monday house keeping was wheeling kegs, cases and beer balls out of just about every room. Sort of sucks that we missed a great party.

Yesterday after Bob's party, we went to register. Ugh. It wasn't too bad for the first 45 minutes or so, we got to see all of the dishes we'll probably never eat off next to the glasses we'll never drink out of with the flatware we'll never use. The thing that sucked was how they sucked us in for a half-hour speech from an Asian chick who didn't speak the best English. Then there was her helper who was taking down our information and would try to guess the spelling of our names, where we lived and what our ZIP codes are. She got them all wrong.

The one weird thing is that there was a couple there and we got to talking. I found out that the chick works at Babson. She "knew of" Reddish. I can't remember her name, so if Reddish asks I won't be able to tell him.

I went to work today. It just sucked. I am done with that place. If anyone is reading this and knows of some good jobs, email me at Seriously, even though I got a kick-ass review and a raise, my boss is still hounding me. She wants to be more micromanaging, but when I start letting her do it, she gets pissed at me. Then after all that, she comes in my office and sort of half-apologizes. I think she's going crazy. I really do.

It was just hard to get going this morning. I spent half the day going through my emails, there were over 300. 300 emails. What the fuck? I told a few people about my engagement and by the end of the day, just about everyone at work knew what was up. Also, some of the guys from SOSH read yesterday's blog and started a thread about it on the site. I got a lot of ribbing, but a lot of congratulations too. There are a lot of nice guys and gals over there.

The one good thing is that I was able to go to the gym and after that I bought a monitor (finally) and a scanner. My plan for the rest of the week is as follows:

Tomorrow: do resume
Wednesday: finish sitcom (I might even do that tonight, depending how I feel)
Next week: begin cartoon.

Nick is going to go over some web site shit: how to build one, maintenance, etc. And from there I just have get some stuff down on paper ... hopefully I can have this thing launched within a month.

My ultimate goal is to have this blog on the comic site, so people can see my doodles and read my ramblings at the same time. Any time after that I'm sure the men in the white lab coats should be busting down my door.

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