Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Honeycomb's big ... yeah, yeah, yeah

It's not small. No, no, no.

Don't ask me why I have that stupid song in my head. Ok, I'll tell you, there is this web site that I visit once every six months or so, where this kid posts a lot of different essays about 1980s and 90s pop culture. One of the cooler things he has on his site is a bunch of commercials from that time. I checked out the Honeycomb one with Andre the Giant. I've been singing it for about two hours.

If you want this craptastic song in your head, go to: http://www.x-entertainment.com

I forgot to tell you something interesting that happened on Friday morning. I had to go and get a bunch of stuff for work, so I left work at around 10 or so and took a ride into Salem. On my way back I got rear-ended by a Salem State student. It sounded pretty harsh, and I was pissed. When I got out of the car, I looked at the bumper and it wasn't too bad.

However, I still want to get it checked out and unfortunately I haven't had a chance to bring it to the garage. Hopefully, they can just buff it out, because it isn't that bad, but it does have the potential to chip and that would suck if I had to get a whole new bumper in a year because of this.

The Sox clinched a playoff spot last night. This means the next two weeks are going to be hell for most citizens of the commonwealth. Last year was insane, especially when the Sox faced the Yanks. For ten days, that's all anyone talked about. It was like those huge colleges in the Midwest, where the only thing people talk about is how the State U pigskin team did that week. Except it was every single night.

When they lost the way they did, I was in a deep funk for three days ... everyone was. That Friday after Game Seven was horrific. I don't think anyone did any real work. And speech was nonexistent. Just grunting and bleary eyes. I would guarantee that it was the worst night of the year for area bars.

But, this is a new year, and hopefully a different outcome.

I may have found someone to go to Public Enemy/Living Colour with me: my brother. The thing that sort of sucks about that day is that I'm going to the Pats/Seahawks game earlier in the day. I hope I can get back from the game in time to see the show. Jay thinks I'll be able to.

Speaking of concerts, tomorrow night is Pearl Jam. I am so pumped for this, I can not wait. Tonight on WBCN, they played the entire July 2, 2003 show from Great Woods. I can't remember if I was at that show or not. I know I was at one of them. I have a very strong suspicion that I was ... but I'm too damn lazy to find my ticket.

I was emailing Julie Kelliher earlier today and she was telling me that she reads my Blog daily. Apparently she knows Aly's friend Jeff. She has a friend from Franklin who actually dated Jeff before he went to Japan and met him a few times. Also, her husband Tom lives near that restaurant that we saw Joe Torre in, Frankie and Johnnies. She has gone there a couple of times, but has never seen the Nose.

I have not been into Survivor at all this season. Usually I run a pool and come out with a lengthy recap every Friday afternoon. This year, I'm not doing it. I was going to, but for some reason I just don't feel like it. I watched the first episode two weeks ago and it was just sort of lame. I have last week's TiVoed, but I'm not even sure if I'm going to watch that one.

I think that the show peaked with the All-Star cast. Maybe I'll give it another shot this Thursday.

Yesterday, I started doing something kind of dopey, but it should help me someday. Right next to my driver's seat I keep a mini-cassette recorder. Whenever I have an idea for my comic strip, I say it into the recorder. So far, I have 21 different ideas. Not too shabby. Now, I just have to find the time to draw them. That's the trick.

Drew gave me one of those Livestrong yellow bracelets. Basically they're yellow rubber bands that cost a dollar. The proceeds go to fight cancer, and are named after cyclist and testicular cancer beater Lance Armstrong. I mentioned to him on Friday that I thought his looked cool and that I like one. He put one under my door yesterday and emailed me saying that it wasn't "a fashion statement, but this is something he sincerely believes in."

I think Drew's mom passed away from cancer two years ago. It sounded pretty crass when I said that on Friday night, but I assured him that I wasn't wearing it because it was trendy, I told him about Aly's mom having cancer ten year's ago and my mom had Hodgkin's, so it has affected two people that I love too. I'm glad that I have it, it reminds me of those two people when I look at my right wrist.

Eddie may be having a party next week, so that should be pretty cool. I should spread the word. After I get off the phone with Aly, I think I'm going to drop my resume off at Harvard. Hopefully, I'll hear something soon. Talk to you on Thursday.

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