Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Larry King Part II or HOUSTON! HELLO!

More from Larry King:

It bothers me that the only consistent row between a calculator pad and a phone pad is the middle one ... Tuesday Weld was a very popular actress at one point and hot as a pistol to boot, why aren't there more girls named Tuesday? ... Writing a book is like riding a bike. Once you get the training wheels off, it's all down hill ... I saw a baby today and she looked just like Ed Asner ... Here's a tip: wear suspenders and a belt, that way you'll be covered at any event ... When I was a kid we'd play marbles until our fingers were sore, now kids play video games until their fingers are sore. Somehow, it's not the same ... There's something about Joe D. not allowing Frank Sinatra to Marilyn's funeral that screams class act to me ... Spoke with Lucille Ball last night, I am always telling her about my day ... One look at an average pizza pie will tell you that the entire Italian race is lazy ... NBA Media Day is my favorite media day ... What's the deal with everyone wanting to be number one? Last I checked, the number one is one away from zero and no one wants to be a zero ... Do you suppose that there are any near-sighted birds ... You want to watch the best Adam Sandler movie? You start at “The Waterboy” and work your way down ... Beetle Bailey or Pearl Bailey, who has entertained our troops more ... They don't make them like Tony Dow any more ... As you go through life, you see a lot of flags. The best one these peepers have peeped: Wyoming's state flag ... The color red seems to be the color that would have a chip on its shoulder ... You put Harvard in any other city and it's a glorified SMU ... Pixar is the new ViewMaster, it's a fading fad ... Don Rickles plays hard ball, but everyone I know thinks that he's an old softie ... In my day the top entertainers ran with the mob, now a-days they're part of a gang. Simple arithmetic, folks ... Next time I'm in a drinking establishment, you better believe you'll see a Zima in my hand ... Fatty Arbuckle would have been 122 last March if he wasn't taken away from us so soon ... Baton Rouge is my favorite state capital ... General Mills, why are you trying so hard? There's no need for Honey Nut Cheerios, regular Cheerios are just fine ... I know 46 people who have received Purple Hearts, yet I know no one who has a Nintendo Wii ... A Meerscham pipe is the perfect gift for any occasion ... Johnny Cash sounds so vulgar. He would have been bigger had he been named Jonathan Dollar ... Speaking of rude, how come most Americans can tell you what's in a Big Mac, but no one can tell you how to make a proper Lobster Newburg ... Nothing beats my old Radio Flyer and that includes today's hopped-up wagons ... Why is everything flavored now? Whatever happened to plain ... The quatrains of Shirley Povich hold amazing wisdom about the Modern Pentathalon ... And on that note folks, I'm gone.

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