Friday, May 27, 2005

Today, I are a college student ... again

Yesterday Aly and I went to the New England Institute of Art to look at the campus and see what's going on. We met with Curt Karl and I officially put my signature on an agreement to go the school. I am really excited, but at the same time, I'm really nervous too. I know I'm going to do well, but I haven't taken an exam in over nine years, I haven't done a project in longer and studying has been a long-ago memory.

But, I think that this program (web and graphic design) is something that I'm going to love doing. It's weird, yesterday was the first day of my new (work) life. In five, ten, twenty years, I can look back and say, on May 26, 2005 at about 7:50 pm, I made the conscious decision to get into graphic design and use my creative skills in a way that will hopefully make me very happy and enjoy work again.

Aly has been really supportive through this decision, and I don't think I could've done it without her.

Tomorrow, we have a 9 am flight to Atlanta, Georgia. This weekend, the entire Manasso brood is getting together for the Christening of Aly's neice Samantha. It should be a lot of fun. We rented a hotel room for the first two nights, and by the time Monday rolls around, and everyone has cleared out of there, Aly and I are going to stay with her brother's family.

I'm looking forward to going to Distant Replays and picking up a hat and maybe a shirt. We're also going to spend some time at the hotel pool, it's supposed to be 86 down there. Up here, it has rained for literally 10 straight days and today was the first day in about a week where the temperature was above 50 degrees. This weather has out-and-out sucked. Very depressing.

I was going to write about the Sox tonight, but they're getting their asses kicked in the Bronx and I just don't have the energy to do a good piece on them. I know that they just won the World Series last year, and we have to give them a mulligan on this year and that it's only May, but the last four games have been text book games in shitty baseball. Bad pitching, crappy hitting, shitty defense, terrible base running, you name it, the Sox did it.

It's really too damn depressing to think about.

Ryan is down in Florida with his family this week, he just texted me to say that he's in Tampa Bay watching the Devil Rays take on the mighty Mariners of Seattle. If that isn't a rivalry that's bubbling over, then I don't know what is. Despite being the worst stadium in the league (now that Montreal's Olympic Stadium is long gone) I really want to see it. Why? Mainly to see just what a piece of crap it really is. I drove by it once (when I was vactioning with Reddish, Skaus, Erin and Julie) and it was lit up to look like an orange (it's Tropicana Park, after all). That was neat, but I have a feeling, that's the only cool thing about the place.

Well, that's it until Tuesday. Stay dry everyone.


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Anonymous said...

feel free to come on in and check it out anytime. :)

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