Saturday, May 07, 2005

Saturday and I don't have much to say

I don't have a particular theme today, so I'm just going to do what Bob Ryan or the CHB would do when they couldn't think of anything to write either: I'm cleaning out the drawer of the sports (and nonsports) mind.

* This week wasn't that great. I got zero sleep all week after going to the conference on Monday and Tuesday and Aly having to wake up early on Wednesday. Whenever Aly or I have to wake up early, I'm up literally once an hour until the alarm goes off. So not only do I have to get up early, I get zero sleep too. Sucks.

Consequently, by Thursday, I was wiped. Friday was even worse. Today, I spent most of the day searching for a new job, the commute to Marblehead is fucking killing me.

Oh yeah, that work problem I had on Sunday cleared up pretty nicely on Wednesday. All that worrying for nothing, I guess.

* I finished another book, "That Wasn't in my American History Book!", not a bad read. Basically it was a bunch of stuff that had been lost to popular history. Stuff like Betsy Ross didn't sew the first American flag. She didn't sew any flags except a flag for a ship. Also, General Patton once had an affair with his teenage neice.

One that I thought was pretty interesting was that George Washington's mother was a bitchy old shrew who never thought that George did anything right. All she did was brow beat him and drove him nuts. All in all, a quick read filled with trivia.

* The Sox are finally playing much better, even with Curt Schilling and David Wells out for about a month with various injuries. Matt Clement won his fourth last night, Bronson Arroyo is 4-0 and Tim Wakefield is 3-1, which is nothing short of miraculous.

The one problem is their hitting. David Ortiz is in a slump, Manny has been hot and cold, Bill Mueller, Kevin Millar, Mark Bellhorn and Edgar Renteria have simply not got it going either. When the offense begins rolling, then the American League is going to have some problems, but until then, the Sox are biding their time in second place.

Who are they behind? The Baltimore Orioles, who have jumped out of the gate just blowing everyone away. However, they aren't the biggest surprise in the junior circut. That would be the last-place New York Yankees. They are sucking big time, and to be honest, it's been fun. And they are only ahead of one other team (the Kansas City Royals, who have 1/17 of the payroll the Bombers have).

Like the New York Rangers showed us, money can't buy championships, apparently. Though I do think that the Yanks will be back, they really are too good of a team to be burried in May.

* Last night Aly and I, my mom (my dad is in Atlanta visiting his friend) and Roy and Jackie went to the Ballroom Veronique for our wedding dinner tasting. The food was awesome, especially the appetisers. The coconut shrimp, the lamb chops, and chicken and corn pancakes were the best. Especially the pancakes, they were like little hashbrowns.

They also had a chocolate fountain, which Aly loved. There was one at Stacy White's wedding last year and I thought Aly was going to shove her whole face in it. She was like that last night too. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

Ok. I'm done. I may go to a movie tonight and if so, I'll review it next week. Hopefully this week coming up will be less busy so I can blog more. I know you're all very excited about that.

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