Tuesday, March 22, 2005


What does SBC mean? It is an acronym coined by my buddy Ryan and it stands for Stupid Boring Crap. This isn't stupid or boring if you are me or if you know me, but it might be if you aren't or don't. It's not all going to personal stuff, so you just have to pick and chose the bullets you want to read.

Ready? OK!

* Saturday night, the month of babies continued unabated as my friend Mi-shu showed up to a party I was at pregnant. Had no idea she was with child. She's having him/her in September. Another friend of mine is also going to have a child, however I can't say anything because they swore me to secrecy. Also, Archie and Jenn had a daughter (their second) as did the Phillipses who had their second child about three weeks ago. Seriously, what the fuck? This is a lot of kids.

* The party that I mentioned briefly in the previous bullet was held at Clery's bar in Boston. The throwers of the bash? Nick Giordano and his girlfriend Debbie. The reason? Nick and Debbie run the Boston Marathon every year and they need to get some scratch together for charity. I think the charity is leukemia research, but I'm not 100% sure.

It was a good time, he had some food laid out, prizes (Mi-shu won three of them) and I saw some people I haven't seen in a while, like Nick's friend James, his brother in law, Mark and Mi-shu's sister Jenna. Reddish came over before the party and we got something to eat at Solas before we hit the party. Since I was still a bit hungover, I didn't drink as much. It was still a good time though.

* For the last two weeks we have been doing our fantasy baseball draft, guess who I chose with my first pick? Barry Bonds. Seems like a pretty safe pick, right? Wrong. Today he came out and said that he's hurting and wouldn't be back until the All-Star Game at the earliest and he actually may be out for the entire season.

In all of the years I've played fantasy baseball, I've had Barry a grand total of once and that was for a trade that happened at the end of the season. Totally sucks that he's not going to play for a while. Already there are conspiracy theorists who say that Barry is being forced out of baseball by Bud Selig the same way that Michael Jordan was told to retire in 1994. I don't know if I buy it, at least that Selig is making him do it. As I wrote in a SOSH post earlier today:

For you lone gunman folks out there: I think one of the larger questions is whether Selig is this strong of a presence to force him out of the game or was it someone more powerful? A Senator or Congressman, perhaps?

From what we've been hearing for the last 12 years or so, Selig couldn't squash an ant hill. Now he's running the best player out of the game on the precipice of him breaking one of the most sacred records in the game?

This coming from a man who has:

* Cancelled the World Series
* Realigned baseball divisions
* Introduced Interleague play
* Added an extra round to the playoffs
* Watched as a hallowed record (single season dingers) fall under strong suspicion of steroids
* Watched as homerun totals have jumped by leaps and bounds

I'm not saying that Selig is a wuss or anything, but him stopping Barry Bonds from passing Ruth and Aaron does not seem consistent with things that have happened under his watch. And as shown by the list above, sentimentality does not run in his veins, no matter what you think of him.

This isn't Bowie Kuhn suspending Mantle and Mays for being greeters at a Vegas casino or halting Fingers and Rudi to the Sox and Vida Blue to the Yanks for "the good of the game." And it's certainly not Kennesaw Mountain Landis kicking out the eight Black Sox for gambling.

I think this goes a bit higher than Bud.

Sounds sort of far fetched, but you never know.

* What happened to us as music listeners? The other day I was at the gym and they usually have the local Top 40 station blaring. As I was working out, I heard Poison's "Every Rose Has It's Thorn". On other occasions I've heard songs by Guns N Roses and Def Leppard. Now, I have a soft spot in my music heart for these tunes, but they were played to target young kids, and this is the biggest thing, without a hint of irony.

When I dragged out my old tapes 10 years ago and created the "Hairy Velveeta" mix tapes of crappy music it was done for drunken fun and to be ironic, and everyone got the joke. Now this stuff is actually being programmed as Top 40 music. What has this country come to? I'm moving to a fucking island.

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