Monday, October 11, 2004

The loooooooooooooong weekend

This was one of those weekends bookended with disappointment, but with a lot of fun in the middle.

Thursday night Jay and I had a bit of a fight. He doesn't want to go to the concert with me on Sunday night. He has to work on Sunday night and Monday morning. I asked why he couldn't take two hours off on Sunday night and meet me at Avalon at 7:00. He said that he couldn't, then he started to complain about working "12 hours in a row" on Monday. I don't why he can't take a few hours off on Sunday, or go to work a few hours early.

I do understand about working the next, it sucks, but I'm going to have to do it too. What I don't think that Jason understands is that I never see the kid. At all. He's always busy, no matter what time of the day I ask him to hang out. When he said that he wanted to hang out, I was pumped. It wasn't just seeing the show, it was spending time with him.

I don't want to just see my brother on holidays and passing him in the halls of my parents' house when I go home. I get sad about that.

The other shitty thing that happened this weekend was that my job is really starting to eat at me. Sunday Penny called me up from a conference in Washington. Apparently, the booth was never delivered to the conference. I know it was sent to the DC area, I double checked this on Friday morning.

But because of Sunday and today's holiday, the earliest time that they can get the booth is Tuesday. I think that the conference people lost it or misplaced it. This fucking blows because I'm going to have to take a raft of shit for this. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of having to count on people to do my job properly. I check and double check my work every day and still things go wrong.

Always. Do I think that Monica is going to understand? I sincerely doubt it. She'll wonder why it wasn't delivered. I'm not going to have a good answer. That is what I'm going to have to think of tonight. This just sucks.

For the entire weekend, Aly and I were at her parents' house taking care of her dog Murphy. That was fun. I felt like I was on vacation. Friday, we drove there through the back roads and in Dover we saw a deer. It ran out in front of my car, stopped, looked at us and darted in the woods. It was really cool.

The only other time I had ever seen a deer is when I was in high school and saw one in my backyard. It was just chilling out, saw me and jumped over the fence. It was amazing, so graceful, so poised. It really is one God's beautiful creatures.

Saturday and Sunday were wedding plans days. On Saturday we went to Cranston, RI to speak with a videographer. He was pretty cool, had some pretty good ideas about how to video a wedding. The one thing we were a bit concerned about was that there was a lot of shots of the back of peoples' heads. That might not be so good.

After that we went to the Federal Hill section of Providence. There was an Italian-day festival (which makes sense since this is Columbus Day weekend) and we just walked around, listened to a few bands, ate some grub and went home. Later that night we went to Joe's American Bar and Grille with Lauren and Bob. Bob was completely shit faced. It was sort of funny because Lauren was getting mad at him. We also carved pumpkins. I got into it so much that Aly didn't even have a chance to make a cut. I felt sort of bad about that when I was done.

Though we did have two cool pumpkins: one was a normal one with a funny face the other had the Sox and Yankee logos. That one took a lot of time, but like I said, I did a good job.

On Sunday we went to see a photographer in Franklin. He seemed cool, except that today we found out that he's already been booked on our day. Complete waste of time. After that we went to Lauren and Bob's house for dinner and football. The Patriots won their 19th game in a row. That rocks. I see them next week when they play Seattle.

Today we registered for more stuff at Crate and Barrel and then went to my parents' house for their anniversary. Nina was there, so it was nice to see her. I guess Jay and Vanessa were there too, but they were gone by the time Aly and I showed up.

I haven't been talking about this very much because I don't want to jinx them, but the Sox swept the Angels on Friday and tomorrow night they play the Yanks in the ALCS. It's going to be a nerve-wracking 10 days. New York has set a record for the most come from behind wins in a season. The Sox are just playing awesome. Something is going to have to give.

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