Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Watching TV with 19

So I decided to jump into the wonderful world of Blogging.

Is the B in Blogging capitalized? I don't know, I'm still pretty new at this whole thing.

I will say this though, the Red Sox are definitely pissing me off. Tim Wakefield pitched a brilliant game and left the seventh inning with a 2-0 lead. The Sox threw it away. An error by David Ortiz, and the Yanks tied it up.

Fast forward to the eighth inning where the Sox' "vaunted" line up goes down one-two-three against Tom Gordon. In the Yanks eighth inning, another two-base error by Nomar (last night he made one) followed by a sacrifice by Jeter set up the tie-breaking hit by Gary Sheffield.

Even if the Sox get out of this inning (it is 1-2 with two outs right now), they're going to lose this game. Stop the presses, the Yanks scored an insurance run. Good night Irene.

Over to VH1. Did you know that Andre 3000 of Outkast grew up in a multi racial neighborhood? That's what his mother and friends say on "Driven".

With shows like "Driven" we have officially come to the end of fame. Remember that book of burnt-out hippie poems for kids, "Where the Sidewalk Ends" by Shel Silverstein? Well it ends here. It's bad enough that no talent hacks like Ricky Martin or Avril Lavine are household names, but do we have to know who their eighth-grade girlfriends are?

"Yeah, Andre was very different back then, of course I don't know him very well now. But if I remember right, he was never on MTV too much."

I must say it is petty cool to listen to hear how these guys really pushed themselves to be famous. Andre 3000 supposedly wrote lyrics on toilet paper. If I didn't like Outkast, there is an obvious jokes about that's where shitty lyrics belong, but I do dig them, so that pithy remark will have to go by the board.

Let's see how the Sox are doing: it is 4-2, two outs in the top of the ninth. Dave McCarty is batting, he takes a strike. McCarty didn't start, he's batting for Pokey Reese. BTW, did I tell you that Mariano Rivera is pitching?

This at bat probably won't last long ... 1-2 ... the MFY fans are on their feet. Oooh a ball! 2-2. Check swing by McCarty strike three, nice work, jack ass. The Yanks up their leads to 7.5 games. The Sox don't know it yet, they're still asleep.

What else is on? South Park. About two years ago,I thought that South Park was done. I started watching it again about a year ago and it's still pretty funny. Not shockingly funny like it was in 1997 (was that when this show premiered?), but it's still pretty good.

Right now Indians are giving the South Parkians free blankets infected with SARS. I've seen this one before, so I'm not rally laughing that hard. But Trey Parker and Matt Stone did a good job with this.

Ok, now I'm rambling and if you're still reading this, good for you. Maybe I'll post tomorrow ... the Sox are playing the Yanks again. Pedro goes against a rookie who will probably no-hit the Sox.

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